Had quite a week!  Since University has ended, this has become quite a rarity.  Days seem to flit on by, and I find myself falling into a a daily schedule; wake up, go to work, go to the gym, make dinner, see what the TV has to offer / read a good book.  I know this is what we call “reality”, but it really is a nice little treat when my week is shaken up a bit.

Thursday offered a post-work celebration of a work-friends 30th birthday.  The evening started with a few glasses of wine in Pontcanna’s Cameo bar; a gorgeous bar right on the bustling street in case you haven’t visited.  The delightful August sunshine meant we could enjoy a tipple sat outside – it’s quite a necessity to make the most of every single bit of sunshine in a country notorious for it’s rainfall!


A few glasses of wine (and some birthday jagerbombs later), we headed on down to Bangkok Cafe in Canton.  It’s a restaurant I’ve never been to: in fact, I am yet to experience most of the restaurants in my new home.  As a previous “Cathays girl”, I’m still getting used to everything Pontcanna and Canton has to offer – any recommendations will be greatly received!

As a huge fan of Thai food, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the menu.  I was not disappointed; everything on there I could of happily devoured in a heartbeat.  In the end, I settled for:

  • Kanon bang: Thai Toasties. Seasoned chopped prawns on toast, with a cucumber and onion relish
  • Gang Dang bed: Spicy roast duck red curry – and fresh green vegetables with a coconut dressing

rec urry

The food was really quite exceptional.  Flavored to perfection, with just the right amount of spice, it was absolutely divine.  The staff were a pleasure, and the setting was relaxed and authentic.  I have already begun to plan my next visit!

The next day was, let’s say, quite an experience!  It started with a quick stop off in the office, and then straight to Bristol for a EuroMillions shoot.  A normal occurrence in the Effective office – except for the inclusion of a very charming Butler!


The shoot was all part of a bid to find an unclaimed winner in Bristol, and the Butler was “on the hunt” for his mystery master!  It was all very fun and tongue-in-cheek, and the “Butler” played his part incredibly well!  We then packed up and took our cheery butler on a trip to Gloucester for the next shoot – a glamorous affair on the train station platform.  After plenty of banter with the Friday commuters, we headed back to Cardiff – only for me to go straight to the train station, on my way to London town!

The London part of my trek was all in the name of babies.  Our family is very lucky to not be welcoming one, but two baby girls into the clan this month – the first in the “next generation”.  The shower was held in the idyllic location of my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Langley.  BBQs, drinks, baby games (including “guess the taste of the baby food” – not a game I would suggest to ANYONE) and a much needed catch up with my wonderful family – it was everything I wanted.

Living in the city, it is such a refreshing change to visit such a tranquil, stunning place.  Life is so different.  People are so different.  I could feel every little bit of stress leaving me, helping me to take a new perspective on the worries left in my little Cardiff flat.



And now I find myself at the beginning of another week in my new life.  It’s hard to believe how quickly time has gone since my University adventure, but I think I’m finally ready to let it go.

It’s time to stop feeling pangs of sadness when I think of the time gone by, and start feeling excitement for what is to come.


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