Recommend Tigers in Red Weather to anyone looking for a tale of magic, elegance and longing.


The novel, by Liza Klaussmann, spans across the forties, fifties and sixties, with all the glitz and glamour of Fitzgerald as well as a deep underlying story Gatsby fans will love.

Set on the backdrop of the daring jazz age, the story follows five characters, told from each point of view in turn.  Often I find this interrupts the flow of the story, but Klaussmann clearly has a talent for intertwining stories, and the result is spectacular.  The characters lives are so intrinsically wound together, it just works.  A cliffhanger left by one character will be answered by another in a fresh and surprising point of view – and there are plenty of cliffhangers throughout the story!

Much like Gatsby, the tale starts with the audience thinking the characters have it all – wealth, love, family, beauty – but as the story unfolds, we find a deeply unsettled and unhappy group of people, hiding behind cocktail parties and fancy clothes.  In this respect, it might not seem the most original story; however, the ongoing story of a mysterious and brutal murder throughout the plot creates suspense, intrigue and above all, a brilliant climax as the story is told by its final character.

I wouldn’t say I was gripped by Tigers in Red Weather until the final section.  However, that’s not to say I didn’t love the book.  The way Klaussmann creates her characters is quite brilliant, and the jumping across decades and characters keeps the plot interesting and fast paced.  I’m a fan of anything from these eras, and this did not disappoint!


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