Arts Highlights of 2013 – Guest Post

Check out my guest post for Cheap Arts Cardiff; my top cheap events of 2013!

Cheap Arts Cardiff

It’s a brand new year with brand new arts events to look forward to but what have been the highlights of 2013? Avid arts goer and consumer Amber Bell is the author of Cheap Arts Cardiff’s guest post looking back at her highlights of inexpensive arts events over the past year. Amber graduated last summer from Cardiff University and recently started working in arts fundraising and development. Her blog The Scribble Emporium seeks out arts events and contains reviews – take a look for ideas and inspiration! Over to Amber …

As a graduate of 2013 and an avid lover of all things arty, it’s paramount that I feed my passion on a tight budget.  Until recently I’ve been living on an intern’s wage and adjusting to the world of council tax and real life living, so £30 a pop on productions has simply been out of the question.


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