I adore surprises.  You can’t beat the look on someone’s face when you surprise them with something heartfelt and let’s face it, exciting.

So when I saw that Peter James was touring with the first ever stage adaptation of one of his books, I knew I had to grab tickets for my boyfriend.  As cliche as it sounds, he’s Peter’s biggest fan.  Before introducing him to Perfect People the most he’d read would be a Steven Gerrard autobiography (true story).  



The idea of seeing one of his thrilling novels played out on stage was pretty exciting.  His stories are full of suspense, twists turns and devilish drama; to see  that live was bound to be a fantastic experience.

Although the thought of surprising my boyfriend with the show was brilliant enough, I was desperate for the chance to actually introduce him to his literary hero.  So after a week of tweets, Facebook messages, website trawling and emails my wish was granted.


I’m not sure I have ever seen someone so star struck.  Not only was it the most beautiful feeling to see the look on the bf’s face as he shook his idol’s hand, but Peter James was quite easily the most humble, lovely man I have met in a very long time.  As we spoke of all things Roy Grace, potential movies, TV series and future books, I felt overwhelmingly lucky and blessed.  Here was an international best-selling crime writer taking the time to meet us.  It was an incredible experience.

photo (1)

As if that wasn’t enough, the play itself was exceptional.

The Perfect Murder follows the life of Victor Smiley and his wife Joan.  Both detest each other; picture the marriage from hell and you’re nearly there.  Desperate for a way out, Victor meticulously plans the perfect murder… but little does he know what Joan has in store for him.

With a fabulous cast (including TV favourite Les Dennis), the Perfect Murder takes the audience back to the infamous Roy Grace’s very first homicide case.  As fans of the series we adored the copious links scattered throughout (I’m not going to give anything away!).  It felt like these special links had been intertwined especially to treat the audience.

In a more unexpected twist, the production was extremely funny.  Witty one-liners combined with comical personalities had the audience absolutely howling, whilst the eerie and intriguing magic of Peter James had us on the edge of our seat.  The perfect mix; the play ticked all the right boxes.

As expected, the play culminated in a deliciously shocking finale.  Curtain down, and the audience erupted.

Despite the Roy Grace references and the Peter James story-line, this production is easily attractive to fans and newbies alike.  There’s something infectious about this type of production.  You forgot you were sat in a theatre; suddenly you were transported to the keyhole of a neighbours dark domestic drama.

The Perfect Murder is touring to twelve different locations right up until April.  If you love mystery, suspense and cockney rhyming slang, this is the Perfect Play for you.


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