How do you choose a new book?  Do you normally stick with recommendations?  Are you a fan of a certain genre?  Or do you find yourself pulled in by an exciting cover?

I’m probably a bit of all three.  I’ll often find myself wandering book shops aimlessly looking from book to book, never quite sure what I’m after.

That’s why I’m absolutely in love with this adorable book shop idea.

Blind Date with a Book.

Blind Date with a Book essentially hides a book cover, listing only a few key words to pull you in.  Picture your typical dating profile; “Sexy, exciting and a little bit cheeky” “Loves sci-fi, the mysteries of the world and alien adventures”… a few words to either grab your attention or leave you running for the hills.

It’s not exactly a new concept, but it’s one I think should be introduced to all book shops.  Sure, you might not like the book.  Sure, you might have been there before.  But that’s the risk you have to take with a blind date!  And if it’s not your cup of tea… well I’m sure there’s someone you can palm him… sorry, it off to.

I think it’s also a really neat way to pass on books you love to friends and family.  It adds a bit of intrigue to a gift and that personal touch.  In fact, as someone who finds Valentine’s day soppy and money-grabbing, it’s a quaint way to avoid the standard heart-shaped chocolates and naff teddy gifts.





Blind Date with a Book 2 - February

photo 4

Take yourself on a blind date with a book… you never know, you might like what you find!

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